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Top landscape trends for 2017

The Ultimate Backyard


DIY Edible Gardens principle and lead designer, Angelica Papio shares her experience and design perspective for North Bay Home and Outdoor Living on stands now! Hear from landscape design experts on the leading design trends for 2017.  

Take a peek at an local staycation home that is all about fun, food and family get together's.

Experts agree staying home is the new trend in luxury outdoor living. There's an ongoing trend of enjoying your own environment. Overall people are thinking about lifestyle. They want to integrate the garden into their lives. 

Creating a tranquil sanctuary

The drought has been such a big deal that people have been really pressed to find alternatives to Lawns. We highlight meadow grass and prairie mixes as lawn substitutes. Replacement lawns, drought tolerant plants and water conservation are all part of a larger trend of sustainability that includes edible landscaping, permeable hard scape and an eco-friendly environment that doesn’t require pesticides. Such areas encourage pollinators, including bees, birds and butterflies.
Sustainability should be considered from the beginning of the design. To create a backyard that invites lingering, a design should incorporate both sustainability and usability.

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