OASIS: The Healing Garden

Edible Garden

We all desire the success that allows us to enjoy life, to share it with friends & family and to attain our deeper aspirations. Yet these are the very things we too often give up in order to succeed in our fast paced modern culture. What if we took a step back and proposed an alternative to this dichotomy. One that afforded us a balanced lifestyle, uncompromised wellness, and energy put towards family and our passion for living well.

Joy is linked to creativity and inspiration. Making pleasure our default and building it into our lives, bolsters our vulnerabilities toward imbalance and disease. Optimal health is achieved when our systems can return to and maintain the natural state that we were born with. Throughout our lives, our bodies are constantly self-regulating, attempting to realign with this natural state of equilibrium.

Take a step to realign with what feeds you. Our senses are an access point to this singularly most powerful part of our selves, the creative soul. This is the still inquisitive part of our selves resting in the chaos of every day experience waiting to be nurtured and indulge in life’s pleasures.

So the question becomes how do we build our life to support us on the deepest levels?

Our environment is essential to our physiology. Our environments can support and nurture with beauty, balance and ease of function. Design and balance in the most fundamental sense dictate our lives. Poor design can translate to poor diet and lifestyle choices. If we surround our selves with beauty and an environment where we have fresh food, clean water and beauty at our fingertips, we get healthier with out thinking about it. In contrast if we live in a food desert, in a high stress environment we struggle in conditions with statistically poor health outcomes.

Design is one of the most powerful elements in our lives.

Take the Standard American Diet (SAD) as an example of how one typically approaches food and health.

We reverse this trend by re-shaping our environments to support living longer, more enjoyable lives.

By indulging our senses in beauty and creating an environment that supports us we have a greater capacity for achieving balance, for living in harmony with nature and creating a life of joy and reverence.

Think about how our daily habits shape our lives. What if we could gain a renewed sense of self and renew our unconscious patterns. This way of seeing ourselves could be the promise of leaving a larger legacy and radically new perspective. 

Remember You live in the world YOU help create. See if you can call upon your senses and indulge in life more fully every day.