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As a featured eco columnist at ORIGIN Magazine I want to share the new issue. It is on stands nationally in the U.S., this week!

This issue, all 150 pages, features tons of women who eat impossible for breakfast, top wellness trendsetters, yoga leaders, best vegan chefs and foodies , cruelty-free fashion, Lenny Kravitz, Giselle, Melissa Etheridge and other pioneers, rockstars and athletes. 


San Francisco has always been a haven for the bohemian counter-culture and still has a current way of merging art with technology and social justice with ecology. From housing the largest living wall in the United States, to pioneering organizations aiming to transform our culture though reconnecting us to ancestral arts and ceremony, SF has a wealth of eco activists who aim to make a difference by transforming the world around them.

Eco Profile
San Fransisco Eco Profile

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