VERTICAL GARDEN SYSTEMS: A DIY essential for going green


Here is a DIY Project to get you thinking creatively. Vertical gardens have many shapes and sizes. From large multistoried buildings, to intimate spaces, we've seen vertical gardens taking off as an essential design for going green. This design trend is an answer to greening our cities and helping us maximize the space we have. 

If you ever find yourself with the urge to put a splash of green in your home in a major way, put some fresh herbs right in your kitchen, or somehow stir up a self made spa in your own bathroom — this DIY option to grow vertical could have you doing all the above in no time! You’ll learn a simple design element that could have you planting an edible garden and change your space for good.

Green Wall Planters are starting to pop up every where and for good reason. For urban gardeners who are cramped for space vertical gardening is a great design option. These innovative space savers are a must-have for any one interested in growing food in small spaces. Wooly Pockets is one such company who produces vertical garden systems and wall planters made from 100% recycled milk jugs. And these guys are well made. They are even strong enough to hang inside without leaking, yet porous enough to allow the plant to breath.

Wooly Pockets are the perfect container for adding a fun and useful design element to a kitchen wall or planting a fragrant herb garden above your bath. They are easy to use and get started on your own. You can start small by adding a pot or two in creative ways to an existing wall or you can take kitchen gardening to a new level by hanging the pots together to create one solid lush oasis of green, as an edible kitchen wall or out door privacy screening.

The planters are a fit for a DIY project that is only limited by your imagination. Start simple with one or two containers in a sunny to partly sunny spot and fill them with a few of your favorite herbs. They are so simple to install that they can even do the job of self watering! So give them a try if you are looking to maximize space or add some edibles to your home, patio or walls. 

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