ORIGIN Magazine: Herbal Alchemy In Valley of The Roses Morocco


Our article for Origin dives into the epic Herbal Alchemy Adventure we had in May. Our annual travel adventures go to gorgeous and remote places to preserve the art and beauty of the worlds natural treasures. In May we journeyed to the Valley of the Roses, Morocco, to meet with a French perfumer to harvest and distill thousands of rose petals under the stars in the heart of the Valley.

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The Valley of the Roses is an endless garden where the air is heavily perfumed and the villages step back in time. Every year between April and May, the valley produces 4000 tons of wild roses. Damask rose is sought after by perfumers throughout the world for its rich, heady aroma. Rosa damascena, the Damask rose, originates from ancient Syria and has been revered since ancient times for its incredible perfume.


We journeyed here to experience the regions revered annual rose harvest. We found a French perfumer who founded Kasbah des Roses as the pioneering eco project for their green beauty brand HÉVÉA. The perfumer, Christian Pamies was a landscape designer whose iconic gardens were found throughout the French Riviera. Steeped in the tradition of Grasse, France, he transformed his love for plants into a new endeavor with his wife Valérie Sabini. They imbued their passion into HÉVÉA with a unique perspective on raw beauty through the power of plants and age-old traditions. Giving a voice to the rituals, and techniques behind the art of natural perfumery.

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California Outdoor Living With Galanter & Jones

Even with California’s beautiful Spring weather there are cloudy days and cool nights. Galanter and Jones is the perfect solution for outdoor living. Galanter & Jones is a design build studio run by brother & sister duo Aaron & Miranda Jones. They debuted with a sleek line of heated outdoor seating, the first of its kind, hand built in chilly San Francisco.

Gravitating toward concrete and minimalism these pieces are modern, designed with clean, elegant lines that exude luxury and comfort. The Helios features a double curve that is smooth like river rock and ages with a patina.


With adjustable heating, simply set it to your desired temperature and enjoy. The bench will even hold the setting for next time. The stone will stay cool in the shade on hot days, keeping you comfy outdoors throughout the seasons.

You can visit them at their San Francisco showroom or see their beautiful furniture showcased at Flora Grubb Gardens, Living Green & The Future Perfect. We are in love and think you just might be too!




North Bay Home and Outdoor Living

Top landscape trends for 2017

The Ultimate Backyard


DIY Edible Gardens principle and lead designer, Angelica Papio shares her experience and design perspective for North Bay Home and Outdoor Living on stands now! Hear from landscape design experts on the leading design trends for 2017.  

Take a peek at an local staycation home that is all about fun, food and family get together's.

Experts agree staying home is the new trend in luxury outdoor living. There's an ongoing trend of enjoying your own environment. Overall people are thinking about lifestyle. They want to integrate the garden into their lives. 

Creating a tranquil sanctuary

The drought has been such a big deal that people have been really pressed to find alternatives to Lawns. We highlight meadow grass and prairie mixes as lawn substitutes. Replacement lawns, drought tolerant plants and water conservation are all part of a larger trend of sustainability that includes edible landscaping, permeable hard scape and an eco-friendly environment that doesn’t require pesticides. Such areas encourage pollinators, including bees, birds and butterflies.
Sustainability should be considered from the beginning of the design. To create a backyard that invites lingering, a design should incorporate both sustainability and usability.

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